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Thursday | October 27th

9AM - 1PM
9:30 AM

Fireside chat w/ Riot Exec (30 min) 
The Business of esports 

10 AM

Music + Entertainment in Gaming - JID, Toa, Arcane (45 min) 

11 AM

Game Changers - Women and gender diverse folks in esports Creative

11:30 AM

Careers in Gaming

12 PM

Esports Immersion Program Panel + HS Break-out Session (30 min) 
HS breakout session: First 10-15 min 
Last 15-20 min of Immersion panel highlighting workforce development tips for HS and collegiate students 

12:30 PM

Wrap Up 
Overview of the educational/programming portion of the day 
Thanking partners 

1 PM

Networking Event & Breakout Rooms  
Sponsored lunch 
Free gameplay 
Board room- resume building and interview prep 
VIP room- TBD 

The purpose behind the Kickx panels is to expose students and institutional leaders to hear about the creative ways that the esports and video game industry is growing.

Throughout the experience there will be opportunities for students and institutional leaders to network and connect with industry professionals and further connect their passions for gaming with academic and professional opportunities.

Please bring a paper copy of your resume, cover letter, and portfolio for review!


League of Legends & Valorant Collegiate Tournaments

Based on the 100-year-old tradition of HBCU football classics, The Riot Kickback Kup will be a Riot Games sponsored match up between rival HBCUs.

Players will be recruited from current student esports clubs at each school, while non-players will work behind the scenes in production and logistics. The tournament will also feature guest appearances from celebrities and pro-gamers.


Famous comedians and music artists performing top acts and songs.

7PM - 11PM 

Friday | October 28th

9AM - 1PM

Riot Student BTS (Behind The Scenes) of "WORLDS 2022" Opportunity:

40 Students will be selected from all applicants

This opportunity is open to Collegiate Students Interested in:

  • Videography

  • Content Creation

  • Photography

  • Media/Marketing Related Fields

HBCU students will hear from and network with Rioters on various opportunities across the video game and esports landscape.
Technology Internships applications will close on October 31st.

Creative and Graduate level positions close in January. Here's the link also to include for their review:

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